No matter what your age, this site should be fun for anyone who likes to draw.

I created it to challenge your imagination and to build your drawing skills. Just download a picture, print it on your home printer and start drawing. Color it too if you like. And if you can think of some snappy dialog you can also add in a few word balloons. If you have a scanner and can e-mail me your drawing at I'd love to see what you do and maybe even add your drawings to the site. So grab a pencil and start drawing, you're only limited by your own imagination. Check back regularly. I will continue to add new drawings as often as I can.

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How to download a page - Pick an image and double click it. That image will appear larger with smaller icons from the other images on top. If you click on the large image they will advance to the next in line. If you want to download the image use the download button in the upper right corner at the end of the small icons. This will take you to a downloadable page. If you right click this image you will get a small window that gives you choices of how you want to download the image. My choice is usually “download image as” then you can name the image and download it to your desktop or any other folder that you want. From there you can open it in any image reading software such as Previews, Photoshop or whatever else you have and print it from there.